For the second time in a few months the Marche region has been named in globally important websites.

Everything started almost a month ago, when the Lonely Planet placed this beautiful region in the second spot of the ranking of the regions to visit in 2020, right after the Silk Road. But why this choice and why right now?

To answer the first question we cite the second important article, which appeared some days ago on Forbes. This article already has a suggestive title: “Looking For Authentic Italy? Try Le Marche”. In particular, it talks about the travel agency The Italian On Tour, which has been founded by Giovanni Dagostino, a true Marchigian from Ascoli Piceno, and his wife Chantelle Kern, a woman from Canadian origins living in Italy.

The same Chantelle admits loving Marche as it is a synthesis of all the Italian regions: truffles, medieval villages, mountains, wonderful beaches, beautiful hills covered by vineyards. “There is something for everybody”. Giovanni adds that being forgotten by the awesome theatre of Italy has made this region even more enjoyable. “There is still much to discover”.

Effectively it is true: the Marche region has not still be involved in some mass tourism phenomenon that instead has affected Tuscany and Umbria. Lonely Planet says it too: “After years of a secondary role, the Marche region has finally reached the fame”. But are we really ready for mass tourism? It has been a real pity that the touristic resources of such a beautiful reason were not been exploited in the best way, but maybe there is a reason for that.

The mentality of Marchigian people is not ready. We are not ready for mass tourism. We often lack of infrastructures and facilities even in the bigger cities. How could feel a tourist, who is used to visit big cities as Rome, Florence, Milan, Venice, as visiting Marche? These travel destinations live for mass tourism and they deal with it every single day of the year. It is for that reason that they are not like the Marche region that gives the tourist a more authentic experience to enjoy.

This is our strength. Who visits the Marche region has to be patient, to put into account that he’ll live a different experience of tourism. Marche is a slow region for nature and they have to be taken this way, slowly. The tourist will enjoy a relaxing holiday with the aim and the possibility to rediscover a lifestyle that no more belongs to our lives. All you will need is the right mind-set to live such an experience. Once you do that, you’ll really enjoy the holidays in this wonderful land.

Let’s come back to our second question: why right now? 2020 is the year of the 500th anniversary of the death of Raphael. He was born in Urbino and the city will be the scenario of countless cultural events. If you have not still visited Marche, 2020 will really be a great year to choose them as your holiday destination. Four years after the disastrous earthquake, our region finally prepares to come back as the main character of the cast!

By our side, we’ll try to give you the most suggestions to ease the discover of our wonderful region and to share unique experiences.

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