An October evening

Autumn has finally arrived with its warm and relaxing colours. Before winter and the cold weather will make it impossible to enjoy outdoor, and before the film-and-blanket season will begin, we decided to enjoy the amazing Marche’s autumnal landscapes.

The beech-wood of Canfaito
The beech-wood of Canfaito

Our early destination was properly the beech-wood of Canfaito. During the autumnal season, this place becomes a real magic place and it seems to be in a fairy tale. The treetops become of a reddish colour and a carpet of leaves makes the ground soft and colourful. Unfortunately, it was too soon to enjoy this show. We suggest you to go in the first days of November, which is the best period. However, we had the opportunity to take some pics that deserve to be shared with you. We had also brought with us Alina, an old camera we found by chance in the basement, but we have still not seen the results.

Then we moved towards the Simonetti winery, in Staffolo. There we could enjoy a beautiful landscape on the vineyards from the new terrace they have recently built. The atmosphere at sunset was really one to remember. Vineyards are very common in Marche, especially in this area, where the production of Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi has recently given much importance to these little towns. The grape harvest, taking place in the months of September and October, is a traditional moment, in which many students can earn some money, in which many people go to help their neighbours.

A vineyard in Marche
Simonetti’s vineyards

Therefore, autumn is a vital and vivid period in the Marche region. Many are the traditional festivals that are organized in the numerous towns of the inland. Many of them are reserved to the wine and they always are successful. This is also due to the sense of the tradition our youngsters feel, who really look forward for these festivals to coming.

We hope that these tips can be useful to you all. If you pass in Marche during the autumnal period, let us know and leave a comment below. We leave you the whole gallery with our pics. See you soon with other tales from the Marche region!

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