Week-end in the mountains!

If you are looking for a destination to spend a relaxing weekend in the nature, possibly away from the summer heat, this article is for you! Follow us in our short journey in some of the most beautiful hamlets in the province of Macerata, Ascoli and Fermo. We are sure that this article will make you forget the fear of the earthquake, although it has let some indelible traces that are still visible in the heart of those beautiful villages.

Last week we decided to escape from the terrible heat of our cities and to nestle in the middle of the Appenines and to go camping, a cheeper and more natural way to spend a night out. We went to camping Montespino, which is situated between the two hamlets of Montefortino and Montemonaco. We were welcomed with great disposability, and we enjoyed a little bath in the small swimming: it is just one meter high so it is ok for refreshing, but not big enough for swimming. We also visited Montefortino and Montemonaco, both are within 5 minutes by car from the camping. Going back home we had a quick stop at the Sanctuary of Madonna dell’Ambro, which is also very near, and we had lunch in San Ginesio. Finally we stopped at the Colibazzi’s shop, which is on the road to Amandola, and bought their fantastic homemade honey.

The view from our tent

Montefortino is a small village of around 1000 inhabitants. While walking in the historical center we did not meet anybody, but outside the historical walls we found some people gathered in the church’s park, where the last night of the beer festival was about to start. Village feast and festivals are very common in this area, just to bring a little life to the villages. We suggest you come in october: you will find a festival every weekend! The hamlet of Montefortino is particularly fascinating, the tipycal stone houses seem to be perfectly preserved from last century. Unfortunately we found all the local churches and the museum Leopardi closed, maybe they were too damaged from the earthquake, It is a pity, it would have been interesting to visit those places.

Entrance of the Leopardi museum on the wall on the right and small temple of the clock with scaffolding in the background.

Montemonaco: Montemonaco is smaller than Montefortino, it only has 700 inhabitants, but we found it much more welcoming and vital than the former. It is quite isolated and from the top of the hamlet there is a viewpoint from where you can see the whole Appenines, which is really astonishing. Coming from Montefortino there are some free parkings at the side of the road which are very close to the center. When we arrived ve found a little square with some tourists, all the local salami and cheese shops were open and the shoppers were outside talking with the visitors. The atmosphere was very relaxed and welcoming. Going up the streets of the town you will find the civic library, which was closed because of the earthquake damages, and you will arrive at the ,ain church, where you can visit the museum of sacred arts for free. After that you can walk the tree-lined avenue that leads to the view-point. We really liked that litthe hamlet, which seems to invite you to discover every single corner, house after house, with the small seedlings and the flower pots, and welcome signs which that wished foreigners that the beauty of those places would push them to return… well, the spell worked with us, and we vowed to return in the fall. This is the conclusion of our first day of relax in nature. We will be back soon with the second part of the weekend!

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